Life Hacks: How To Lose Weight For Wedding

There’s a cliché about having to fit into something you’ve got prepared for a wedding. That’s the reason why so many fitness products use that scenario as one of their sales points. Need to shrink into that dress for a wedding? Or do you need to drop a dress size for YOUR wedding? This article Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Motivation: The Missing Link

You can have the most scientific, research-based, experience-proven, expert-promoted fitness package in the market and it still won’t be enough. Hundreds of people return various products and ask for full refunds because the system didn’t work for them. The Web is saturated with information, statistics, testimonials but they all miss one important factor: Weight Loss Continue Reading »

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss: A Look at the 3 Week Diet Plan

It’s natural to hate somebody’s guts. What’s not natural is when you hate your own gut. It’s fairly easy to do that when you haven’t cleansed your colon for quite some time. A good colon cleanse weight loss program might just help your pipes and knock off a few digits from your weighing scale. Click Continue Reading »

The 3 Week Approach: Crash Dieting That Actually Works

There’s a large movement that says losing a lot of weight fast is bad for you. That’s the first thing the medical industry wants to keep hidden so that it can continue selling long-winded programs that cost a fortune. The truth is, the problem is not in how fast you get rid of your fat. The problem Continue Reading »