Colon Cleanse Weight Loss: A Look at the 3 Week Diet Plan

It’s natural to hate somebody’s guts. What’s not natural is when you hate your own gut. It’s fairly easy to do that when you haven’t cleansed your colon for quite some time. A good colon cleanse weight loss program might just help your pipes and knock off a few digits from your weighing scale.

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A Colon Cleanse

You might have known your colon by another name. Try the large intestine. This is the long tube that gets the “butt” of most jokes. It serves the body by taking out the water from the food that you digest. It’s also the expressway to the anus, where the we take out the unused materials from what we eat.

Take note that we use this tube everytime we eat, and when you keep using something, it tends to wear down. For the colon, the wear and tear is incredible. Imagine having bits and specs of unused food materials and excrement being left day after day. If left as it is, it’s easy to paint a picture of how dirty it can get given enough time.

Then there’s also toxins coming from synthetic food items such as fast food. When left in the colon, there’s a big chance that they could find their way back into bloodstream, causing all sorts of problems.

Unlike regular pipes, cleaning your colon requires a more delicate approach. Instead of sticking down a brush and shaking your arms, you can either have a doctor pump water through your rectum, or you can take a more natural cleanse through the other end of the digestive system.

The Natural Way

This second method involves digesting food items with cleansing properties that wash away toxins and other unwanted substances from the colon, allowing the organ to perform better. Another benefit of such a cleanse would be better digestion. The bigger the freeway, the better the traffic.

You can introduce different kinds of food items into your system to “detoxify” your colon. There’s your standard green leafy vegetable group, seeds like Chia and Psyllium and even herbs like Fennel. You want food items that can wash out unwanted toxins from the body.

Diets that promote a colon cleanse are also on the rise. Instead of portion control and cholesterol-banning, there are approaches that focus on cleaning the digestive system to improve the natural cleaning functions of our livers and kidneys. One such diet is the 3 Week Diet.

The 3 Week Diet

As astounding as it sounds, it promises exactly that. This program aims to help you lose at least 23 pounds in less than a month; naturally.

If you’re thinking about heavy laxatives and bananas to dump as much weight as possible, you’re dead wrong. The 3 Week Diet is more complex (and healthier) than that. Based on your muscle to fat ratio, the program will teach you to create your own diet plan that will not just cleanse your colon. It will also improve metabolism, fix digestion and re-energize the body. It’s one of the most effective colon cleanse for weight loss programs in the market.

It does this by lighting a fire in your belly. This fire is known as your metabolic rate. That’s the rate at which your body burns fuel in order to get things done. When you’re engaged in a heavy physical activity, your body needs a high metabolic rate to keep you burning your fat reserves. When you’re sleeping, your metabolic rate slows down, allowing for rest because of a decreased need for energy.

You’re also mistaken if you’re thinking about protein stacking and fat avoidance. The 3 Week Diet is designed to give your body the right amount of sustenance it needs. On top of doing that, it helps you lose weight by maintaining a high metabolic rate in your body even as you sleep, allowing you to burn fat even as you rest.

Although the main goal of the diet is to reignite your metabolic rate, it also considers colon cleansing weight loss as an additional benefit from starting with the program.

The best thing about the 3 Week Diet plan is that you can start right away. The whole package costs about $47. It’s composed of 4 downloadable manuals that will walk you through every step of the way. As soon as you complete the purchase, you can start downloading the manuals right away.

Confused about how this diet will burn all that fat in record time? The introduction manual will fill in those blanks for you. Ready to start the diet? The  Diet manual will get you from point A to point B without missing a step. Need to burn more? A workout manual will complement your diet with high-intensity exercises that can be done in your living room for less than 15 minutes. Need a little more encouragement? The Motivation Manual will keep you pumped and raring to go.

This package is full of fitness industry secrets that will change your life- secrets that they need to keep from the public. This is because losing weight through a colon cleanse and proper diet is a lot easier and a lot faster than what you’ve been told on TV.

A Colon Cleanse weight loss program is great, but a colon cleanse with increased metabolism is even better. The 3 Week Diet is the closest thing you’ll get to an effective cleanse that shows the fastest results, and it doesn’t use laxatives for weight loss. It’s all natural. No funny steroids to throw in, no powdered supplements to take every morning, no complicated equipment or medicine to buy. It’s just pure science and fitness knowledge that has been backed by years of research and experience.

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