Life Hacks: How To Lose Weight For Wedding

There’s a cliché about having to fit into something you’ve got prepared for a wedding. That’s the reason why so many fitness products use that scenario as one of their sales points. Need to shrink into that dress for a wedding? Or do you need to drop a dress size for YOUR wedding? This article will show you exactly how to do that without the hours at the gym or the fancy exercise equipment. All you need is a little knowledge and some research.

A Little Knowledge

Throw out the notion that weight loss is a slow process. It’s a natural process; but not a slow one. We have been successfully brainwashed by the weight-loss industry into thinking that slimming down has to be an arduous combination of unwanted repetitive actions and stale salads. The real key to losing weight is a lot simpler and less tiresome.

The reason why people struggle to lose fat is because they don’t burn as much fat as they want/need to. In your case, you’re not burning enough fat to fit into that outfit.

However, fat burning isn’t just about getting on the treadmill and going at full speed. There’s just as much biology in it as there is exercise; and a little bit of both will go a long way. Right after you eat something, your body takes in the calories, the proteins and the fats and puts them to good use.

Fatty acids occur as a result of this process. In essence, fatty acids are free-flowing sources of energy for the body that can easily pass through cells. When your body is able to use these fatty acids, it’s a job well done for your diet.

On the other hand, if your body does not burn these fatty acids, they combine with other fatty acids in the body to create triglycerides. You’ve probably heard of these already. They’re what most health drinks and diets promise to get rid of. Triglycerides, unlike fatty acids, are thick and slow-moving. Because of that, the body can’t break them down into usable fuel cells even if you want to. That’s where that stubborn fat comes from.

You would need to boost your body’s natural metabolic rate in order to break down that kind of fat. Exercising won’t just do. This is because a good workout can only keep you burning for as long as you’re moving. When you stop moving, your metabolic rate goes down again. You see where this is going? You would need to be working out all day long to break down your triglycerides.

Some Research

Now you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time for some practical research. You know no one has the kind of time (and desire) to work out the whole day. The good thing is you don’t have to in order to burn your triglycerides by just working out. Did you know you could naturally boost your metabolism by simply changing your diet?

The best part is, changing your diet tends to work faster than actual exercise! The reason why people burn fat and lose weight slowly is because they’re not burning enough everyday. By changing your diet to allow that kind of burning, you could lose more almost a pound in the first 24 hours of your efforts!

That’s what the 3 Week Diet Plan can do. It’s a revolutionary diet plan that promises not just an easy pound off in the first 24 hours. It promises more than 21 pounds off within 21 days. You can consider it a wedding diet plan because of how fast it works, and it doesn’t operate the same way other diets work. By telling you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat, the 3 Week Diet Plan will use your muscles, digestive system and hormones to optimize your body’s metabolic rate.

It doesn’t stack proteins and minimize fat intake. Instead, the program allows you to create a personalized diet plan based on your lean body mass laid against your total fat percentage. This package teaches you how to increase your metabolism so that you don’t just burn calories when you work out. It will convert all the cells in your body into fat-burning mechanisms that will eat through all your triglycerides even while you sleep!

The package contains four manuals that explain the approach, the methods and accompanies it with helpful and intense workouts to complete your diet. Thousands of people have benefitted from this approach and have lost pound after pound day after day? You could drop a dress size in a month! Worried about having to squeeze into that wedding outfit? When you’re losing more than 21 pounds in 21 days, you might just end up worrying about all the available outfit sizes you can wear with pride!

Worth the Money

If you’re thinking that this revolutionary plan costs just as much as a month’s worth of weight-loss consultation sessions, you’re dead wrong. Coming in at a strong $47, it costs less than half of one measly session. The manuals in this package walk you through the whole process just like what any other hired fitness coach is paid to do.

If you’re the skeptical kind of consumer, you don’t need to worry as well. The 3 Week Diet Plan comes with a 60-day guarantee. If at any point within 3 months that you don’t like the product or find that it doesn’t work for you, a refund can be requested with no questions asked.

From a business stand-point, guaranteeing a product for thrice the length of the actual product’s worth might be financial suicide. That’s a testament to how well the product works. That makes the 3 Week Diet Plan the perfect solution to learning how to lose weight for wedding.