The 3 Week Approach: Crash Dieting That Actually Works

There’s a large movement that says losing a lot of weight fast is bad for you. That’s the first thing the medical industry wants to keep hidden so that it can continue selling long-winded programs that cost a fortune. The truth is, the problem is not in how fast you get rid of your fat. The problem lies in how you do it. You can safely start crash dieting and burn fat now. Here’s how.

Learn How to Do It Right

There’s a wrong and right way to losing weight fast. When you’re shedding muscle mass, nutrients, tissues along with fats, you know you’re doing it wrong. There are diets and programs that will starve you instead of nourish you in hopes that your number on the weighing scale goes down. Since you’re not eating enough, your body doesn’t get enough building blocks to reveal muscles. Sure, you lose weight, throw in muscles as well. Remember, you don’t just want to lose weight. You want to become stronger at the same time.

Luckily, growing stronger comes automatically when you crash diet the right way. The trick to doing it is to tweak your metabolism. Our bodies are very complicated input-output devices that strive on sustenance. When you get fat, you’re overstocked with batteries that have become unusable. You call those batteries triglycerides. They’re the former energy-giving fatty acids that have expired inside your body.

When those triglycerides stay there, it becomes harder and harder to burn them because their composition becomes so thick that they stay in one place. That’s where muffin tops come from.

When you improve your metabolism, you don’t lose out on the good stuff. That’s because your body will only burn fat. When your diet works to improve your metabolism rather than your stomach, you only lose the muffin top. That’s the second secret they don’t want you to know: a diet can improve metabolism and burn fat without starving you.

Finding the Right Product

Junk the calorie counting and colored containers. You want something that energizes your metabolism so that it breaks down those unwanted triglycerides in your body.

To do that, you need some serious custom work. Each person has a different metabolic rate. Tweaking that rate involves the process of finding out how much lean body mass you have compared to how much fat you have in your body. Based on that value, you can actually eat specific amounts of food at specific times to boost your metabolic rate, ensuring you’re burning fat 24/7.

That’s why you want something that doesn’t just spoon-feed you with recipes and schedules. You want something that takes your personal lifestyle into account and provide you with a customized plan that will only work for one person: you.

The 3 Week Diet Plan is such a product. Created by renowned author and life coach Brian Fiatt, the 3 Week Diet promises immense weight loss in exactly 21 days. Tough order? Don’t worry, it does it right.

It doesn’t count calories and stock on proteins. Instead, it helps you find your body mass percentage against fat content. It helps you find that value. When you have it, the 3 Week Diet Program will teach you how to create your own diet schedule that will change the way you think about eating. You’ll know when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat based on your personal needs. You won’t be starving at all. Instead, you’ll be enjoying a burst of energy every time you sit down for a meal.

You’ll be eating to change your hormones, your metabolic rate, your cholesterol intake as well as your energy levels. You won’t just look great. You’ll also feel great while on the 3 Week Diet.

It does all of that by walking you through four basic components, each delivered in helpful manuals. Each manual tackles a part of the diet that compliments the next. The introduction will get you started on the approach and give you a better image of what will happen to you. The Diet Manual will take you through the whole process. It’ll feel like you have a life coach hounding on you for 21 days.

That’s not where the crash dieting and weight loss ends. The package also has a work-out manual that will provide you with high-intensity workouts that will maximize your boosted metabolism. You’ll be burning those muffin tops away even as you sleep.

To top it all off, the package comes with a helpful serving other industry secrets and tricks in the final Motivation Manual. This fourth manual closes the deal. Make no mistake, the 3 Week Diet is a fast and effective approach, but not the easiest. It’ll take some getting used to. That’s why this fourth manual will fill in the gaps and keep you well-motivated and ready to hit the next challenge.

It’s one of the few extreme diets that work, and it works because it’s extreme in a different way. It pushes your metabolism to the extreme, allowing you to shed pounds and gain muscle at the same time. That’s the only way to crash diet. In a sea of fat-burner that only promise smaller waists and lower scales, the 3 Week Diet Plan promises more. It stands among the best fat-burners that work. It gives you dramatic weight loss with the least time frame. You’ll be shrinking your waist line, dropping dress sizes, discarding belts and enjoying food at the same time. So don’t make the mistake of choosing a program that counts, controls and prohibits your eating habits. The 3 Week Diet is the only way to crash diet and burn fat now.