Weight Loss Motivation: The Missing Link

You can have the most scientific, research-based, experience-proven, expert-promoted fitness package in the market and it still won’t be enough. Hundreds of people return various products and ask for full refunds because the system didn’t work for them. The Web is saturated with information, statistics, testimonials but they all miss one important factor: Weight Loss Motivation.

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There’s no doubt about the science. To get the necessary certifications and licenses to sell, an author or fitness coach has to go through years of study and application before they can consider themselves capable of putting a palatable program on the market. That requires years of research and dedication to fitness and mastering the body.

Because of this, the competition is all about who has the best research. Everyone is on the prowl for the most effective and efficient way to lose weight and get that dream body. But in all the hype about new-age approaches, people have forgotten how important it is to keep to any program and see it till the very end.

Keeping to the Program

No matter what program you have, it’s always important to stick to it. This is where the difficulty lies. It’s hard to stick to something when you have to wait for so long without any indication of menial success. By the time most people reach halfway through the program length, they can’t find any significant changes in their body and end up giving up.

There’s no motivation involved; just promises that take some time. There’s no guidance or encouragement to keep the customer satisfied as they use the product. It’s interesting to find this deficiency in products that come from supposed “life coaches” who are supposed to make a living from keeping people motivated to stay healthy.

When a fitness product encourages people and walks them through every step, they empower their clients, reaffirming the belief they had in the product when they first encountered it. It has to get them through the weeks.

It also has to promise increments of visible improvement. You can’t just promise to drop two dress sizes after three months without showing people signs of progress. There have to be micro-promises that your customers can see in shorter amounts of time. That’s how you keep them motivated.

Benefits of Motivation

A fitness product (and its customers) stand to gain a lot with a little bit of positive reinforcement:

  • Fewer Refunds. In case you weren’t aware, that also equals more income if you crunch the numbers.
  • Better Customer Experience. It’s great stick to something that gives a little bit back as well. When you can see and measure your progress every now and then, it’s easier to commit because you’re aware of what it’s doing for you.
  • Positive Customer Reviews. That’s better testimonials. That translates to better market penetration because of all the publicity you’re getting.

Prime Example

If you’re looking for something that’s got the science and the motivation, you can find one in the 3 Week Diet Plan. It’s the perfect example of a program that also teaches you how to stay motivated.

Designed by Brian Fiatt, the 3 Week Diet program is a combination of science and motivation. It’s made of 4 manuals that talk you through each step of the process. The introduction manual prepares you for the approach. There’s a diet manual that gets into the specifics of the diet. A workout manual compliments the whole package by combining expert dieting with some high-intensity activities that barely take half an hour.

Standing as one of the most respected authors and life coaches in the market, Brian Fiatt spent more than a year perfecting his brainchild.  The 3 Week Diet Plan approaches diets in a new light. Instead of stacking on proteins and counting calories, you’ll be working on improving your metabolism and cutting down on cellular inflammation.

Cellular inflammation happens when your body does not burn all the fatty acids you eat and use it as energy. When you take your next meal without having burnt that fatty acid, they stack up and become triglycerides that contribute to your muffin top.

Finally, the fourth manual serves as the icing on the cake. It’s a motivational manual that keeps you pumped, encouraged and raring for some more. It’s a collection of secretes and tips that will help you power through the program and reach your goal. Stuck in a rut? Losing motivation to lose weight because of the program? This manual will get you pumped with helpful advice and stories from other people who have tried the program. It’s the perfect motivation for losing weight.

It’s as if Brian Fiatt himself was holding your hand as you breezed through those 21 days. Because the program’s so short, the rewards are almost instantaneously. How would you like to lose a pound as soon as the first day of the diet ends?


You don’t lose here either. Struggling to lose weight becomes a thing of the past when your program can motivate you and go easy on the pocket. At $47, it’s a steal compared to multiple gym sessions and trainer fees.

Almost everything about the 3 Week program inspires you. The insanely short program length, the huge gains after the program and even the science behind it makes you want to give it a shot. If that’s not enough to get you started, how about a 60-day money-back guarantee? That’s right. You can get a full refund if you return this 21 day program within 60 days. You can literally test the program out. If it’s not to your liking, you can get a full refund. There has never been a better weight loss motivation package like this on the market